Centered Citizen: Caylin

Meet Caylin

How do you practice staying centered in your city?

I have a morning meditation and journaling practice that helps me start each day off on the right foot! Exercise and connecting with friends are also two major sources of staying centered for me. 

What is your favorite Centered in the City event or workshop you have been too? Why?

I LOVED the 7 Levels of Energy Workshop because it gave me a great framework to reflect both in the moment and at the end of the day about how I reacted to the days ups and downs. Thinking about the 7 Levels of Energy when I'm feeling way stressed gives me a sense of calm that I can choose to react another way and that there is something beyond this moment. 

What keeps you engaged in the Centered in the City community?

Centered in the City provides so many opportunities for me to re-connect with caring for myself. I've met amazing, inspiring people who have great experiences and I always leave an event feeling uplifted and positive. 

What’s your favorite song to sing to while in the car or walking down the street?

Recently, it's been El Perdon by Enrique Iglesias and Nicky Jam. It's kind of silly but I love listening to it walking down the street and imagining I'm dancing on the streets in Cuba (especially helpful on a rainy Seattle day!)

What’s your favorite centered space in Seattle?

I feel so blessed to live in a city with so much nature! Volunteer park and Myrtle Edwards park are my go to's and when I'm feeling like being inside, a glass of wine at Oddfellows makes me feel like I'm really treating myself.