Are you a Manager? HR Associate? Or Wellness Ambassador? Do you find yourself constantly looking for creative ways to run morale workshops/events in order to support your employees productivity, engagement and wellness?

Our workshops support employees feeling more centered within themselves so that they can increase productivity, empathy, creativity, resilience and connection while at the work place. All of our workshops can be customized to a team's specific needs and desires. However, employees always leave with awareness, tools to integrate and accountability to support progress.   

Pick from the list below:

  • Mindful Moment: Stress-Busting Routines to Maintain a Growth Mindset 
  • Mindfulness for Stability and Productivity 
  • Core Values
  • Balancing the Wheel of Life
  • 7 Levels of Energy: How do you Stress, Cope & Thrive

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"Centered in the City is a positive dose of community with mindful individuals-- the highlight of my week!" -- M.S.

"My favorite aspect of tonight was when the convo went from measured engagement to full learning in discussion." -- Q.B.

"The range of perspectives in the same topic and respect for each others’ ideas" -- H.K.

"I loved how we jumped right into real talk and made a space to share without pretense or judgment." -- C.S.

"My favorite part of the night was the juicy debate." -- H.S.

"I loved the new ideas and perspectives that are shared." -- L.C.