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“If we don’t grow, we die.” Life is busy and filled with many shoulds, coulds, buts, have tos, want tos and wished tos. Join us for our various themed Energy Workshops where we teach you self-development tools that will bring more mindful and intentional awareness into your life.  Make choices that actually support the goals you want to achieve and live life the way you want to live. Learn practical tips and tools that will help you stay centered in your city.  Workshop themes include, but are not restricted to: understanding your core values, how to manage stress, and finding balance in your life.

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THE personal growth EXPERIENCE • BROWSE PHOTOS & Testimonials

“The workshop helped me identify areas that I need to focus on to better my life and my interests. Additionally the workshop helped me identify that one of my core values are threatened or devalued when I am upset or annoyed.”

“The exercises were impactful and helped me reset and reconnect with myself, something I haven't done in quite a while. I liked the facilitation style as well because of the open forum: I felt comfortable sharing my values when other participants were sharing theirs as well.”

"I loved the open dialogue, hearing everyone's different interpretations about touchy subjects that really, really matter. I liked meeting new, like-minded people and I love reflecting on the different identities I have and how my value base is the common thread that strings together the different personas I relate to."