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Meditation is one of our favorite tools to stay centered, energized, and connected.

To keep a consistent practice, meet new meditators, and learn about new styles of meditation, join us for our weekly meditation sits! Experienced meditation teachers lead a practice every Sunday from 12-12:45p to get centered for your week. Create the space to connect with yourself and other meditators. Details posted in our upcoming events.

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Want to start meditating, but don’t know how to start?

Join Centered in the City for WTF is Meditation: Back to Basics workshop. This intensive workshop is designed to introduce busy professionals to the basics of meditation and get started on a personal practice.  Whether you are a first time practitioner or veteran— we will learn, practice and discover how meditation can improve your life, decrease stress and create more mindful awareness in everything you do.

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WTF is Meditation: Back to Basics Workshop.

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wtf is meditation • BROWSE PHOTOS & TESTIMONIALS

“Having recently started my adventures in meditation, I'm always looking for fun ways to explore new methods. WTF is Meditation is exactly what I've been hoping to find. Wade and Kellye lead us through a new technique in an approachable, lighthearted way. More than that though, is the community that is formed. The types of people that are attracted to the event are open, inclusive and seriously friendly. I can't wait to go back!” -- S.F.


"My previous meditations maxed out at about 3 minutes. I couldn't do it but know I wanted to. @ wtf I could learn from the other people and surprised myself how easy it was to meditate off and on for a hour." -- Q.B.


“Wade and Kellye do such a wonderful job creating a warm, inviting, safe environment for exploration and discovery. I'm very new to meditation, but found myself feeling liberated by Wade and Kellye's encouragement to approach the work with a "beginner's mind" to tap into myself and just feel and notice. The WTF experience left me feeling relaxed, centered, and excited to practice.” -- M.D.